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We are your first point of contact for fans. Whether you are looking to use one at home, in the office or industrial sector, for installation on the roof, inside the window or as a space-saving model on the chest of drawers. We offer you a wide choice of devices from the leading companies, from CasaFan, Hunter and AireRyder to Westinghouse. We are happy to explain everything you need to know about technology, design and costs. Discover more about all different kinds off ans and how they can be applied in the most efficient way.


For you: Ceiling fans

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A fan for every occasion

Elegant high-class ceiling fans are whirling on the ceiling of your villa, so that the friends you invited can feel refreshed and free even after a stimulating conversation.

The built-in frosted glass lamp shades are reminiscent of chandeliers from the past and perfect the imperial atmosphere. During the day a clever decentralised system takes over air exchange in your passive house while creating a pleasant, cosy temperature – flawless environmental sustainability.

If everyone is working up a sweat discussing important topics in the meeting room of you company, pedestal fans will help you keep your cool, they don’t need a lot of power or space and are virtually soundless. And many a photographer isn‘t even able to take vivid, bold pictures without a manageable breeze.
You see, occasions for using a fan are as versatile as the models themselves.

Being absolutely comfortable is important at any place where man and animals are staying for an extended period of time.

Yes, you read that right, our faithful companions and fellow training partners like dogs and horses also enjoy pleasant temperatures in their surroundings. Of course there are also more conventional ways of using our fans, for example in cafés, clubs and bars. The latter might welcome a possibility for getting rid of the cold cigarette smoke from the last rock revival concert.

All buildings that house many people, proper ventilation is a priority. That includes hospitals, B&Bs and hotels, gyms etc.
We offer models that cover everything from low-priced and easy-to-use to beautiful designer pieces to powerful industrial fans for a commercial kitchen.

So which one is the right choice for your individual requirements?
When making the choice, the most important factors are the size of the room and the exact location where you would like to install the fan. You will even find a perfect match for small niches and sloped ceilings in our range. It is also necessary to think about whether the device is used indoors or outdoors and how much humidity is present. Fans for damp rooms are equipped with special protection classes against splashing or spraying water. Outdoor fans are made of weather-proof material such as stainless steel, and offer further protection from humidity and rain. That way they are completely safe when used on a patio, in greenhouses or conservatories.

Saving costs with fans

During the hot summer months we usually seek the fastest possible way to cool down.

An air conditioning system, however, is quite an expensive acquisition and isn’t exactly stingy when it comes to consuming energy. A high-performing fan is significantly cheaper in regards to purchasing price and wattage. It helps you to make conscious decisions about your electricity consumption as it can be specifically switched on and off as needed.

Complex devices have a timer, ensuring economical use even at night. Various speed levels further make it possible to adapt the operation to the individual requirements for ventilation. Also, did you know that simply using a fan’s reverse function can help you save heating costs in winter?

That is due to priciples of physics. In heated rooms warm air rises upwards until it reaches ceiling level, where it is recirculated and evenly distributed in the room, giving your heater a break. Find out how and why right here in our helpful guide: The ceiling fan during winter

The exact energy efficiency class of our devices is always stated in the detailed product descriptions. It is also printed on the nameplates of the devices.

Application and technology

A modern fan offers so much more that just cooling and ventilation. Sometimes it replaces an existing ceiling light completely. But there is even more than that! Damp rooms are dried, air circulation is controlled and the room temperature is optimised, all without the help of an air conditioning system.

New types of motors often operate virtually soundless while evenly distributing air in the room. Other features, such as selecting the fan, brightness of the dimmable light and the forward and reverse function via remote control are just a couple of technical benefits that make handling as easy and comfortable as possible. Special devices have been designed specifically for use in the industrial sector. For example harmful gas and muggy air can be extracted with the right device, combustion equipment can be provided with air. By blowing the inflammable gases concentrations that are too high are prevented, that way the fan serves the purpose of explosion protection.

More compact: Portable fans

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Controlled air exchange despite thermal insulation

Building a house nowadays: If you’re going to do it, do it right! Recently, thermal insulation in connection with saving energy has been a widely discussed topic.

Modern insulation technology has in fact become so reliable that even the exchange of air, and therefore loss of heat, through tiny gaps and doors that are not 100 % tight is mostly prevented. However, in order to ensure a good quality of breathing air and adjusting humidity a constant air exchange must be allowed. Conventional natural airing through open windows and patio doors is usually not wanted in energy-saving houses, because it interrupts the planned heat insulation: The differences of temperature inside and outside would be too big and the air exchange cannot be properly evaluated. During winter this leads to an unnecessary increase of heating costs. In summer there is likely to be no air exchange at all due to the lack of pressure, which is a direct result of indoor and outdoor temperatures becoming similar.

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It is recommended to have a controlled mechanical ventilation. The air pressure is specifically build up and used. These permanently fixed systems offer you a couple more benefits than natural ventilation:

  1. The ventilation is only started automatically, when and as long as it is necessary. Compared to natural ventilation this means saved costs for power and heating.
  2. In contrast to airing a room by opening the window, cold and humid draught that is usually accompanied by our body feeling uncomfortable is prevented.
  3. Too much or too little humidity is evened out, resulting in a pleasant indoor climate. Electrical appliances also suffer much less from damages caused by humidity.
  4. The concentration of CO² and other pollutants in the air, for example furniture and carpet evaporations are regularly assimilated by controlled ventilation.
  5. Sufficient ventilation of rooms without windows, such as bathrooms and WCs is ensured.
  6. Another advantage of modern ventilation systems is their low noise level, which is particularly interesting if you are living on a busy street with a lot of traffic. The windows stay closed and you can enjoy calmness and tranquility.
  7. The problem of heat accumulation in conservatories is also easily solved with motorised ventilation technology. In winter it is even possible to redirect heat into the house and provide additional heating in the process.


Just to sum it up, here are the most important benefits: Filtering, cooling, heating, humidification and dehumidification of air, evenly controlled exchange of supply and exhaust air. These go hand in hand with low acquisition costs, easy installation, durable material.

Application of fans:
  • Cooling
  • Airing and ventilation
  • Explosion prevention
  • Air supply
  • Improved indoor climate
  • Transport


Design for every requirement

Fans that are mainly used to just serve their purpose, e.g. installation in pipes and windows, usually come with a rather subtle and simplistic design. They are not supposed to have that wow factor, but to stay in the background. Their modern spartan appearance however still gives off a feeling of high technology in your home. The focus lies on environmentally-friendly materials and space-saving construction. Another aspect that is important is the sound design, which means that the noise level is kept low through insulation and prevention of sounds from motor and rotation. These models are built in a way that makes installation and use as easy as possible. In the industrial sector there is a great demand for these benefits.
In contrast, it is recommended to apply a design in your home that makes the new fan the eyecatcher. Put up right above your coffee table, mounted to the wall as a modern home appliance or as a sophisticated pedestal fan – it plays an important part in shaping the entire atmosphere inside the room. Whether it will be futuristic-cool or traditional and homely is completely up to! First-class timber, extraordinary metal brushing or delicate glass give each model its individual style, enhancing the overall interior design of your living room. Select the new household member to match your home and your own, personal taste. These devices allow you to shape the ambience of your restaurant, doctor’s office and law firm, your visitors are guaranteed to feel welcomed. Our product range offers you a variety of colours, shapes and materials, and leaves nothing to be desired.

Healthy breathing air

Breathing fills us with vigour. Fresh, clean air is vital for our well-being and staying healthy. Us modern people tend to spend most of our time in closed rooms. Household dust, high humidity and mycotoxins as well as dry, used heating air reduce our quality of life and our performance in the long run. Wherever airing through windows is not possible at all times, a fan is a safe alternative. Even harmful and poisonous industrial gases and unpleasant kitchen smells can be extracted with an industrial fan.

The following will give you more information about the kinds of ceiling fans we offer in our shop:

Ceiling fan: A sopisticated ceiling fan does not only bring you a fresh breeze in airless rooms. It is also an attractive design element that gently keeps your room temperature at an ideal level. Find out more about the various options and applications in this category. Whether it is supposed to operate on high ceilings or low cellar vaults – even sloped ceilings, conservatories or patios can be equipped with one of our systems without any great effort. See products...

Portable fans: During the summer months we are desperately in need for efficient cooling, and wouldn’t mind if it accompanied us everywhere we go, during barbecues in garden for example. Our outdoor fans are protected against leaves blowing in the wind or insects. You just have to settle on one model and you are ready for the heat! We also offer free-standing tower and ground fans as well as wind machines. As you can see, sweating is a thing of the past! See products...

Small room fans: Particularly small rooms like a kitchen and more often a bathroom without windows are prone to high humidity which leads to muggy air and mould. In this case one of our space-saving fans for small rooms can work wonders. It extracts air to the outside of the house, either directly or through ducts in the walls. The installation is easy and user-friendly. See products...

Window fans: Not every home is equipped with a sufficient number of big windows to ensure ideal exchange of fresh air. Window fans have been designed to support ventilation, they can be mounted to any type of window without problems. You will find the different models here. It goes without saying that our shop also offers you a wide selection of low-priced original accessories and extras. See products...

Wall fans: Putting up a ventilation system is so easy! A small opening in the wall is enough for these models. They are suitable for use at home and in commercial sectors respectively, basically everywhere large air volumes need to be transported. See products...

Heat recovery: Freezing on the sofa while wearing a woollen jumper just to save heating costs – No thank you, those times are over! Use the benefits of heat recovery. Warm air is recirculated in the room and used again, instead of accumulating at ceiling level where they are no use. This is a low-priced alternative to any type of heating, no matter if centralised or decentralised. See products...

Ventilation accessories: In our shop you’ll get everything you need! That includes any kinds of extras ranging from remote controls and blade sets to complete suspension systems. We are happy provide you advice. See products...

Centrifugal fans: They are applied where it is important to increase pressure on the air volume, for example in ventilation systems with filters and air heaters. Protection grilles and other accessories are available here...

Roof fans: Your first choice of ventilating office premises, factory buildings and extracted air in commercial kitchens. They are flame-resistant and weather-proof. You’ll be surprised by the many ways they can be applied. See products...

Circular in-line fans: Very efficient at any location where windows and walls are not suitable for a conventional fan, but a powerful motor is much needed. We also offer accessories like step-down transformers and connection kits. See products...


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