Insect trap INSECTIVORO Professional coverage 180 m²

attraction with UV light and fan impeller

reach: 180 m²

application: private, commercial and industrial

Item number 3612

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Housing: synthetic material (robust body, double insulation)
  • Type selectable: Economy, Basic, Sterilizer
  • System: with patented catch tank (with automatic hinged cover plate)
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 245 x 340 x 220 mm
  • Range: 180 m²
  • Insect lamp (safe for humans, but best catch results for insects) :
    • UVA - top quality tube - 32 Watts (Basic, Economy, Sterilizer)
    • UVC lamp - germicidal - 9 Watts additionally only for INSECTIVORO Sterilizer
  • Durability lamp: ca. 2000 hours
  • Wavelength range: UV range between 300 and 400 nm
  • Ready for use device with pre-connected plug and included wall mount
  • Air flow of the quietly operating fan wheel sucks in flying insects, suitable for catching larger insects
  • Patented lid system: open when device is switched on, closed when device is switched off
  • Easy emptying of dehydrated insects, safe release of beneficial insects
  • No chemicals, easy cleaning with water
  • These models were developed with and for high hygienic standards in mind
  • Application: private, commercial, industrial
  • Protection class II
  • Maintenance free


Type / INSECTIVORO Housing colour

Power consumption


Current consumption


Revolution speed





368 Economy grey 55 0.26 1000 1 2.3
361 Basic blue 55 0.26 850 / 1250 2 2.4
363 Sterilizer grey 75 0.35 850 /1250 2 2.75

The included special lamps only serve for attracting insects in combination with the mentioned insect traps are suitable neither for illumination in private rooms nor for any other use.

ATTENTION! Use only in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outside as not selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attraction method) not only catch pests but also beneficial insects.

The fitting accessories can be found in our shop.


Please note that the insect trap is delivered with a continental plug, you might need an adapter.

INSECTIVORO live insect trap – Free from chemicals

Protection from insects
Mo-El Insectivoro insect traps ensure efficient protection from insects without harming the environment. Once the device is switched on a circular UV-A light tube attracts flying insects from the surroundings. The airflow transports them to the inside of the container. Once caught, insects such as mosquitos can be left to dehydrate. The Sterilizer model has an additional germicidal UV-C tube to ensure hygienic standards. The entire Insectivoro range does not use any chemical agents at all.

Insectivoro live trap

Be(e) cautious

Bees, bugs and bumblebees are actually really useful for the environment, because they support pollination. They are an essential part of farming however their numbers dwindle due to the use of toxic pesticides.

Our Insectivoro live traps catch insects in a lockable container. This allows you to release caught insects to the wilderness at the end of the day in your garden or outside your window instead of leaving them to dehydrate. The container can be removed from the device without any problems and poses no danger.

Insectivoro covers up to 180 m2 and can be used used from spring to autumn when insects are out and about in particularly large numbers. The Insectivoro can be set up on desks, shelves or simply on the ground. However, there should be some free space around the appliance to allow for sufficient air movement. The unit features an integrated fan that creates an airflow to suck in any flying insects. The fan itself operates quietly. Keep the Insectivoro away from windows to prevent the UV lights from attracting any insects from outside the building.


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