Window fan Vario 300/12 Automatic

window-mounted fan in various options

colour: white

automated internal shutter flap

IPX4 splashing water protection

thermal overload protection

Item number 12412

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 220-240 Volt ~ 50 Hertz
  • Available options: 300/12 AR-S, 300/12 AR-Q
  • Colour: white
  • Material: impact-resistant, UV-resistant ABS plastic
  • Nominal size: 300 mm
  • Max. temperature for continuous operation: 50°C
  • Protection code: IPX4
  • Protection class: II
  • Weight: 6.13kg
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Mounting options: windows (horizontal, vertical, diagonal position) 
  • Automated internal shutter flap prevents cold air from coming in once the fan is turned off (can be opened manually)
  • Optional CR controllers allow reversing (switch from exhaust to supply air, ca. 67% air volume) and speed control
  • Ideal for conservatories, greenhouses, residential and commercial buildings
  • Not suitable for insulating glass panels
Model Wattage (W) Current Consumption (A) Airflow rate (m³/h) Total pressure Pmax (Pa) Sound pressure Lp-3m (dB(A)) Revolutions per minute Engine support
300/12 AR-Q 45 0.21 1050 29 40.2 840 Plain bearing
300/12 AR-S 90 0.41 1650 69 53.6 1215 Ball bearing

Dimensions Vario window fan range







Ø cutout

300/12 AR

390 mm 393 mm 31 mm 147 mm 2-38 mm 324 - 329 mm


Optional accessories are available in our shop.

The Vortice window fan Vario 300/12 really stands out due to its many facets. An outstanding air flow is guaranteed no matter where the fan is installed, be it in windows, walls, panels, normal or angled ceilings - the ball bearing, capsulated motor can handle all positions. A balanced blade wheel in combination with protection against thermal overload give you the opportunity to constantly operate in environments with up to 95% relative humidity and 50°C ambient temperature. An automated electric shutter on the inside of the device prevents cold outdoor air from entering the inside, however it is also possible open the shutter manually to create natural ventilation.

The Vario 300/12 in our Creoven shop is a real multi-purpose device: The reverse feature allows you to switch from supply to exhaust ventilation. You can choose from two models, one with super boosted performance and 1650 m³/h air flow, the other one with 1050 m³/h is even more quiet during operation. Thanks to low noise development and a modern housing made of synthetic material that is resistant to yellowing, this fan is ideal for residential and commercial premises. The device is controlled either with speed controller units or step transformers, control devices and other extras are available in our shop.


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