Temperature at home 21 or 23° C

Pleasant temperature versus heating costs and climate protection: Which indoor temperature is better, 20, 21 or 23 Grad?
07.12.2017 09:33 von Melanie Zehmisch

Conventional versus Renewable insulation

In this blog post we are going to take a closer look at heat-storing properties of conventional and renewable insulating material.

06.11.2017 08:49 von Melanie Zehmisch
Residence and Life

Blog invention fan

From manually operated bellows to electric motor. Join us on an exciting journey of the beginning of ventilation technology.

12.10.2017 11:16 von Melanie Zehmisch

Do builders need architects

When should you consult an architect for private building projects and restoration? How much truth is there to the rumors about high costs?
15.09.2017 11:16 von Melanie Zehmisch
Residence and Life

Perfect BBQ

Are you planning a private barbecue or a public event? Apart from spicy marinades and individual barbecue techniques, you should not miss out on the following…
17.08.2017 15:49 von Melanie Zehmisch
Economic and Social Affairs

Fanimation ceiling fans

Collector, designer, museum guide: Mr. Tom Frampton has been working with fans since his schooldays and founded his very own company Fanimation in 1984.

24.04.2017 15:23 von Melanie Zehmisch
Residence and Life

Leading a quiet life

Sounds from the next-door neighbours, traffic noise and buzzing electric appliances… your home is anything but quiet? “Calm“ down.
27.03.2017 09:51 von Melanie Zehmisch
Economic and Social Affairs

Vaxcel, Mr Heiko Mitzkus

A fondness for good indoor climate and breathing wines: Mr Heiko Mitzkus, General Manager USA and Europe for Vaxcel International in an interview with us!
27.02.2017 12:17 von Melanie Zehmisch

Domestic air pollution in winter

The weather is too cold to open the window and let in a breeze of fresh air? During winter the air pollution in closed rooms increases: Pollutants leak from newly purchased goods, the new wall unit or poorly made candles.
30.01.2017 10:25 von Melanie Zehmisch

What to do with bad smells?

Today I’ll cook, tomorrow I’ll brew… smells at home have different origins that are not always easy on the nose.
02.01.2017 11:48 von Melanie Zehmisch
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