Discover the world of ventilation and heating technology with creoven’s guides.

Here you will find everything you need to know about fans, fan heaters, insect protection, …

Guide ceiling fans

Ceiling fan Here you will find out what creoven is all about – important information and interesting facts about the topic ceiling fans. That includes tips for determining the right diameter of the fan in relation to the size of the room, or the fascinating story of how the fan came to be what it is today.

Guide ventilation technology

Ventilation technologyNot every ventilation system (examples: supply and exhaust air system, ceiling fan, air conditioning system) is exactly the same, and particularly in case a ceiling fan is supposed to be included, the potential buyer is confronted with problems.

Guide infrared heaters

Infrared heaterAll heaters are different – here you get more information about the many types. This guide will aid you in finding a model that fits your needs. A practical summary of benefits and disadvantages of gas heaters and infrared heaters completes this informational guide.

Guide insect protection

FlykillerPest control is not only relevant for the retail sector, often we are tormented by the little pests at home as well. Especially when food is involved there can be no compromising. Here we give you advice to help keep away mosquitos, wasps and other pests – in an environmentally sustainable way.

Guide IP protection classes

If you are dealing with electrical installations in a house, you should get informed about current guidelines and protection classes.

The topic of protection classes includes valuable information for professionals dealing with installations and end customers respectively. In this area we have compiled a practical summary for you.

Calculation of air volume

In order to determine the ideal position as well as size of a fan for the room it is important to get informed about the calculation of air volume.

The term air exchange rate often comes up in connection with this topic. This guide offers you helpful information as well as steps of the calculation.

Information about the brands

Creoven pays attention to top-quality of each product – we owe that much to our high demands and of course to our customers.

Pepeo, CasaFan and Hunter are just a few of the well-known brands that are part of our product range. This article gives you a useful summary about the manufacturers that are behind the appliances of our assortment.

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