Protection from insects during heat waves

The colourful summertime puts us in a good mood, brings us joy and relaxation and on some days we might almost get the impression we have been moved to a beautiful, tropical island. Almost we say, very well aware of how quickly our good mood is ruined by insects that keep attacking us again and again every summer. Threatened by mosquito bites or even a wasp sting, unsually followed by burning pain, we quickly trade in the feeling of leisure and ease for raging screams, waving with pillows, fighting bravely to drive off the little pests. Peace is restored for five minutes, and from the back the humming enemy closes in again! The last remains of quiet and amusement are gone now, the hunt begins!

Our recommendation to you: Don’t let them bother you. Read up on electrical insect killers just in time for the summer and enjoy the season without interruption!


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  • Insect traps with glueboard and light source
  • Insect traps with electric killing grid and light source
  • Insect traps with fan, collecting tray and light
  • Accessories for electric insect traps
  • Information about beneficial insects

Application in catering and commerce

Neither the own home nor the supermarket or restaurant provide much safety from fruit flies in their many growing stages – the same goes for stored foods, unfortunately. Attracted by fermenting fruits and vegetables, acidic edibles and the smell of kitchen garbage they find their way into the storage room where they quickly reproduce. Within as little as 14 days this fly species goes through their entire evolution process. The female lays up to 400 eggs during this time with a special preference for small tears and bruised spots in the fruit.

Businesses that process and sell food will inevitably become infested by pests at one point. In shops with a large assortment, mashed fruits and edibles from deciduous trees with small tears can hardly be prevented despite thorough examination, leading to decay and mould. Particularly during the middle of summer the line between ripe and overripe becomes blurred, berries and cherries begin their fermentation process within only a couple of hours. The incoming delivery of foodstuffs from the warehouse can already contain eggs of fruit flies, they are located closely underneath the fruit skin and are not visible to the naked eye. By the way, several subtypes of moths, like the Indian mealmoth, flies, bugs and worms count amongst agricultural pests.

In culinary establishments e.g. a bakery, insect infestation is rather inconvenient, after all nobody likes a cinnamon roll that countless wasps have been nibbling on already. The resentment for fat flies is even stronger, in the worst case scenario they have been taking a rest on decomposing food or excrement before. Watching them approach for a landing on your favourite treat is not only a sickening sight, but also harmful due to transfer of germs and bacteria.

However, vendors also experience unpleasantness when insects are orbiting their goods. Not only is presentation and reaching for the goods made difficult, potentially dangerous even in case of attacks, but also customer complaints can damage the reputation of the business. Permanent negative word-of-mouth can lead to loss in turnover.

Possible uses for insect traps:

  • Private household
  • Guesthouses and hotels
  • Office and cafeteria
  • Diners, restaurants, cafés
  • Shops and markets
  • Shop counters: bakery, butcher’s shop
  • Storage rooms for edibles
  • Conservatory, greenhouse
  • Agriculture and stock breeding
  • Waste industry and collection

According to Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on hygiene of foodstuffs a suitable procedure for preventing and countering pests needs to be implemented. The food itself, however, must no be affected negatively by this procedure. Using chemicals is therefore only allowed when a competent expert on pest control has been consulted, otherwise nausea, vomiting, irritation of the mucous membrane and respiratory tract as well as other symptoms of poising can appear. Thus, the use of conventional insect traps and sprays with poisonous ingredients in commerce is prohibited by law.

In our range we offer an efficient alternative with harmless glueboard technology that you can use on the shop counter without hesitating, two examples are our MoPlick 398 and MoPlick 399 models. The have a wide coverage of 50 m2 and can be easily cleaned and equipped with new replacment glueboards. When purchasing lamps for use in food processing industry it is important to pay attention to shatter protection.

In areas with a lot of customers where it is intended to created an atmospheric, relaxed mood, e.g. in bars and hotel restaurants we recommend discreet or ideally decorative traps such as our beautiful Aura. Swung open it resembles a carnivorous plant with a glossy metallic surface, and a UFO with flashing lights when closed again. Even though it was not actually designed as a flashing light, the diffused light still makes it a futuristic eyecatcher on walls and ceilings. Protection from insects has never been more stylish.

When selecting a model for use in the front of house, look out for insect traps that are operating quietly, have a discreet design and are easy to clean. Customers should neither be disturbed by insects, nor frightened by visibly killed pests.

Impact of electric traps per application area
Glueboard and light source, pheromones if necessary, for places with high requirements for hygiene e.g. behind shop counters, in public places with a lot of customers.
Electric killing grid and light source for agriculture, commerce, greenhouses. Also for small rooms and private households.
Fan, collecting tray and light for domestic and commercial use, offers possibility to release beneficial insects back into nature.

Attention: Never use devices with UV light outdoors, because it attracts beneficial insects. This is prohibited by law!

Electric insect traps with glueboard and light source

Sensitive receptors in their eyes let insects see ultra violet light with a short wave length ranging up to 400 nanometres. It has a great appeal to them and that is exactly what the technology behind the UV traps takes advantage of: Directly next to the UV tubes an adhesive glueboard is located that the attracted insects stick to and die on. After its successful use, the adhesive tape can be peeled off without any residue and simply disposed of by putting it in the household garbage. New glueboards can be attached just as easily, a protective barrier, like the one you know from double-faced adhesive tape, prevents your fingers from sticking to the board. Regularly check the intensity of the infestation on the glueboard, once it is covered completely the whole device becomes inefficient. Depending on where it is positioned, the sticky effect can be exhausted within just a few weeks, so try not put the traps up in places where they are exposed to a lot of dust. In order to further enhance the attraction of insects, some traps are equipped with additional pheromones. These semiochemicals and their mode of operation have been researched thoroughly by scientists: for example, the simulate presence of sexual partners which results in even more interest. Those types of traps are completely harmless to humans, but very effective for catching a large number of insects.

The brands in our range are specialised in producing everything from elegant, decorative traps for use at home to professional appliances for commerce and food industry with enormous coverage of up to 350 m2! The integrated UV tubes are designed specifically for use in combination with the insect traps and are not suitable for interior lighting. Quality features of the brands are breakage or shatter-proof tubes and, if applicable, protection of the electrical parts from splashing water and high humidity. The protection code can be selected individually in the search filters on the left-hand side in the category.

Electric insect traps with electric killing grid and light source

Stables and enclosures for pigs, sheep and horses are crawling with with flies and other flying insects during summer. Milking installations are also largely affected. Experienced farmers with dairy cows complain about aggressive flies in the stables all the way from June until September. Once the tolerable number of pests is exceeded, the animals are harassed and stressed out immensely. Countless punctures caused by insects also promote the spread of infectuous diseases. Electric flykillers with up to 850 m2 coverage carry out their reliable duty in these situations.

The insects are attracted by the UV tube from a great distance and the electric killing grid that is charged with a high voltage is sure to kill them swiftly. Our brands guarantee electrical safety and protection for humans and livestock. Thanks to easy cleaning with water or, depending on the model, a patented cleaning system, permanent use of the device does not result in unpleasant residue on the metal. The grid and collecting tray can also be cleaned easily and without residue as well, as their material has a special coating.

Devices with electric killing grid furthermore prove to be very efficient when used at home in smaller rooms or caravans, to name a few. The UV light is absolutely harmless for humans. Pay attention to the item description, whether the power supply is automatically interrupted when the collecting tray is removed. If curious children or pets are living in your household, set up the devices in a place that cannot be reached that easily. Mounting the articles to walls or ceilings is also possible in many cases.

To prevent further harm of beneficial insects, try to immediately let bees and other innocents that have been put behind bars out of their cages. With appropriate precautionary measures this does not pose any dangers for you. Get your face and neck out of the direct reach, if necessary, wear solid garden gloves and empty the collecting tray quickly into a cup or other sufficiently big container. Cover the opening immediately with a piece of heavy cardboard or a saucer. This allows you to free the insects from their unfamiliar surroundings back into nature.

Electric insect traps with fan, collecting tray and light

In summer we like to stay up longer and fully enjoy the warm, light evenings. In a cheery mood we go to bed late, often without long clothing, socks and feather bed that could protect us. Once threatening buzzing and whooshing sounds are audible soon after, it is safe to say that mosquitos are at work, attracted by human sweat, looking for the perfect spot to bite into. Despite the rather moderate size of their bodies and relatively low danger they are posing compared to other wild animals, these speedy pests rob us not only of our sleep but our blood as well and quite simply drive us up the wall!

After the female mosquito gave her bite, the skin reacts quickly to the insect poison, mostly with an itchy red wheal. People with allergies might even experience blisters measuring several centimetres in size. Mosquitos transmitting diseases is more often known in warmer countries, but the itching in some cases is now even more severe now than it was years ago due to immigrating species and artificial environmental pollutants. Neither garlic nor flavoured sprays will provide help – in order to prevent bites we strongly recommend one of our popular electric devices!

As traps with UV light are most efficient in darker rooms, we recommend whisper quiet models with a fan for bedrooms or offices. They are handy and easy to transport, don’t require a lot of effort and fit on any side table. The air flow of the fan wheel additionally sucks in the insects when they approach the light. For application in large rooms, e.g. in shops, we also stock on devices that cover up to 180 m2. The pests that are caught are then going to dehydrate inside the collection tray and can simply be disposed of later. The insect traps from our INSECTIVORO range even allow you to catch big flying insects that can be examined closely and then be released back into nature.

Tip for fish and reptile enthusiasts: Dried or living mosquitos that are taken out of the collecting tray are an ideal, ecologic food for fish and inhabitants of your terrarium!

Our products with protection class 2 and above offer you a safe eletric separation of conductive surfaces. A reinforced insulation protects you from getting into contact with hot parts. The entire technology is therefore completely safe for humans. The devices are maintenance-free, the tubes have an average rated life of up to 2000 hours. They can be easily cleaned with water, if required you can also add a little of common household washing-up liquid.

Accessories for electric insect traps and low-priced original spare parts

In order to permanently ensure a good success rate with your insect trap, regularly replace expendable items such as glueboards. UV tubes should be exchanged once a year, even when they are still glowing, because they lose their attraction after ca. 12 months. For your safety we recommend using only the original UV tubes from the brands in our range. Additionally we also carry liquid attactants for fruit flies and wasps.

If you are not sure or have questions about the compatibility of the replacement products with your model, give us a call or send your request via mail. Our staff is always trying to give you advice and help you with all your enquiries.

Beneficial insects

All traps that are using UV light as attractant, are not to be used outdoors. They do not come with a feature to specifically select which insects to attract and not to attract. Therefore they also attract beneficial insects and decrease their numbers. Amongst others beneficial insects include bees, bumble-bees, butterflies and many types of bugs such as lice-eating ladybeetles. Hornets and some wasp subtypes also count to this category.

Some countries and states prohibit by law to agitate, catch, hurt or kill the Vespula vulgaris, the common wasp. In some cases, however it is allowed to eliminate these wasp families, if there is a reasonable cause that has been documented.

Particularly bees are known for always being busy with their job, which is actually very important for humans as well. Not only do they produce delicious honey and useful wax for candles, they also pollinate about 80 percent of agricultural and wild plants during their stroll through the sea of blossoms. Since 2006 the dying of bees has been officially recognised as a problem. Mites, viruses and humans with their numerous pesticides are responsible. Monotonously planted fields further result in a loss of species diversity and natural habitat for entire bee colonies.

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