Portable fans on creoven, a wide selection

Our portable fans will keep you cool in face of blazing heat. From tiny to enormous, our product range you are guaranteed to find fan units in any size. In addition to outstanding performance they leave an impression with appealing design and first-rate manufacturing. To name an example, industrial fans for professional environments are protected against splashing water and dust.


Models with pedestal

Compared to permanently fixed appliances pedestal fans offer the advantage of being portable, if you want you can take them with you upon leaving the room. Most models are adjustable in height thanks to a telescopic tube and can be tilted to vary the angle of the airflow. Contrary to basic constructions that are available in DIY markets, we offer first-rate branded goods in many different styles. The Fanimation pedestal fans and wooden models are particularly decorative. Lovers of puristic clear-cut design will also find joy e.g. in the shape of the streamlined pedestal fan “Charly“ (see picture), the winner of the 2016 iFDesign Award.

All pedestal fans can be set to individual speeds, depending on your choice you experience anything from a great blast to a gentle breeze. You will find that most of our models feature oscillation, meaning the automatically move their head in different directions. Our pedestal fans are designed to for large rooms sized up to 50m2 where a maximum airflow of 6,000m3/h is a good alternative to ceiling fans. We also offer appliances for professional environments, e.g. industrial sector: The CasaFan “Speed2Protect“ is rated IPX4 (max. 6,850 m3/h) and therefore ideal for production facilities or warehouses.

Whether you are sitting down or standing up, pedestal fans with an option for vertical adjustment will reach you in the right angle.

Tower fans

Thanks to a space-saving vertical design tower fans can be set up even in the smallest of rooms. The most notable feature of these fans is the vertical exhaust opening that blows out air from top to bottom. The control panels on the uni toffer several settings. The tower fans in our range are finished with clear, straightforward colours and are ideal for offices and workplaces. It is even possible to place them right beside the desk, seeing that they do not generate much noise during operation. For instance, the tower fan “Airos Pin II“ is equipped with a tangential impeller that ensures a quiet performance. Please pay attention to decibel values stated in the technical details. More extras provided by our brands include a swivelling air outlet (oscillation feature) or programmable cycle times. CasaFan’s “AIROS Cool“ furthermore features an integrated water tank that serves a misting setting.

Browse our most popular models and find the perfect fan for your needs. Our appliances were constructed to resist tilting over and are easy to transport if you are changing location. Oftentimes you will find a convenient carrying handle on the back or top of the housing. With up to 1,020m3/h airflow they are suitable for all kinds of applications indoors.

Desk fans

Ideal for restaurants, cafés, bars, drawers and the coffee table at home: These small miracles bear great power despite their size, are handy and often available in colourful designs. Due to the fact that desk fans are quite the eye-catcher wherever they are put up, creators are able to go wild and be as creative as they want. The outcome are high-performing fans, encased in sustainable bamboo, with shiny bright lacquers, in the shape of a moveable half-sphere or a jet nozzle. Vornado’s foldable mini fan “Zippi“ is perfect for travelling. The “Stratos B 500“ scores with its unobtrusive, functional body structure and is suitable for offices and business premises. In contrast, the visual nature of the “Vornado Vintage V“ can only be described as extravagant. The latter is a great addition to pubs or bars. Of course, at the end of the day the choice is completely up to you.

Depending on dimensions and motor performance the (writing) desk and bureau fans can be used in rooms with up to 40m2 size. Pay attention to low noise development seeing that desk fans tend to operate in close proximity to the human.

Wall-mounted fans

Opt for wall-mounted models if the floor is already used for productive activities, seating area, tables, etc. The protective grille prevents accidental touch of the blades or hair getting caught. They are set up in a way that does not reveal obvious installation of lead wires and cables, a clear benefit in contrast to other small appliances.

Good news for everyone who is still undecided: There are 3-in-1 fans that can be fixed to the wall, set up on a pedestal or simply placed on the floor, just as the situation or the user requires. Wall-mounted versions are a great alternative to ceiling fans in hotels and reception rooms that are already equipped with chandeliers or elaborate light fixtures. Mounted within a reasonable distance to the window this decorative piece of technology can also aid the air exchange.

Floor fan

We offer floor fans with surprisingly diverse designs, even something as simple as an everday household item can become the eye-catching star of your home. A perfectly executed construction with a stable base prevents the device from falling over. Naturally, the fan can be placed on desks or worktables as well.
In case the fan is equipped with features for vertical adjustment or individual tilt of the head, you can specifically target the airflow at corners and the ceiling and provide a dynamic circulation of air inside the entire room. Certain models can even move the air in a 360° radius. Heat recovery during the colder season of the air is also possible with some models, please look out for the description “all-season“ in our detailed item page. Floor fans (domestic appliances) are perfect for indoor rooms with ca. 50m2 size.

Industrial fans and wind machines

Just like the name suggests wind machines generate an imposing airflow of 9,540m3/h (domestic appliance) and even 15,650m3/h (professional appliance). They must not be pointed directly at the user, their force was developed to aid in drying processes on contruction sites, to name one example. The revolution speed can be reduced with the help of a step transformer that is also available in our shop. Wind machines for domestic environments can also be used in photography studios. The units are usually supplied with a long lead wire and can be transported from one place to another without further complications.

We hope this summary has provided you insight into the available portable fan range. Now, can you guess how much a fan can cool down the temperature inside the room? Find out in our guide.

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