Functional and decorative: Ceiling fans with lighting

Ceiling fans add that certain something to your home. Quietly running rotors meet several different demands. A fan equipped with a light kit offers not only elegance and a fresh breeze, instead it also illuminates the entire room in a warm or cool light – whatever you prefer.


Types of light kits on a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans with light replace the ceiling light in homes or offices. For the most part the available fans in our range already comes with a chic light kit. There is also the option to add a light kit to a fan without lights later. These light kits are an optional upgrade, not a requisite.


Ceiling fans with integral ceiling lights make up the majority. The product description tells you which lamp (bulb) is to be used or is included. The energy efficiency rating, colour temperature and average service life span of the lamp or the diodes are stated in the technical details.

Outdoor ceiling fan Altitude Eco with light and remote control

Floral, tulip-shaped lamp shades with wavy edges look traditional and romantic and are suitable for cafés, ice cream parlours and bistros. In homes with mostly wooden furnishings, for example in conservatories or basements they enhance the overall interior.

Slim, encased light kits are available in various versions. Sometimes they transition seamlessly into the fan housing without any difference in height, and other glasses are slightly longer and protruding. The flat, geometrical shape of the lights makes for a modern look that will give the fan a contemporary design for years to come. Newly erected buildings are often designed in a compact, square layout with a flat roof. This type of add-on light kit perfectly fits this style, it is neutral, chic and homelike. Their lamp bases are usually suitable for energy-saving bulbs or LEDs.

Apart from the slim lights, round glass shades are easy to combine with a multitude of interior styles. Depending on the fan the curvature is globular spherical or flattened. A round light kit is suitable for all bedrooms and living rooms, office spaces as well as hallways, bathrooms and outdoor areas. The style is universal and goes well with any décor. Round glasses resemble a large light bulb, they appear welcoming and decorative.
Not an optical illusion, but a real speciality: The Fanaway EVO3 ceiling fan is delivered with an asymmetrical glass shade.

Lamp shades with artistic Tiffany style are ideal for all residential and commercial environments that are furnished in an Art Nouveau style or fine antiquities. That includes wineries, exhibition rooms, galleries, boutiques, elegant bars, gourmet restaurants, just to name a few. A savvy interior designer knows how to combine different styles and the Comet Tiffany ceiling fan into a contemporary, chic and sophisticated overall picture.

Ceiling fans with integrated diodes like the Fantasia SPLASH ceiling fan let your ceiling shine like the starry sky. You will also find lamps with extraordinary or subtle ornaments, coloured glass, add-on light kits with protective grille, etc. in our range. Open lamp shades make it easier to replace the bulb but could also lead to glare. This can be avoided with matte bulbs.

When using add-on light kits outdoors it is important to mind the IP rating and material. Plastic covers are relatively shatter-proof and withstand insects or tiny gravel blowing in the wind. An important note about cleaning: Plastic (acrylic glass) and frosted glass is less susceptible for fingerprints than clear glass. The same goes for fluted and grooved lights. Deposit (grease, dust, insects) can be removed from smooth surfaces without much hassle.

If you attach more importance to the light feature than the air movement, but still do not want to miss out on a fresh breeze in summer, the Fanaway range with retractable blades might be the one for you. It is available in different versions, for example with clear blades that become virtually invisible when the fan is running.

Another tip:
The wattage of the bulbs should be enough to provide sufficient illuminiation inside the room. A study and kitchen need bright lighting, where as warm or dimmable light are better for bedrooms and living rooms. Several spots ensure increased lighting in the room, which is why some ceiling fans are equipped with a light kit that includes multiple lamps. Depending on the model it is possible to adjust the inclination angle of the lights. In most cases all of the spots will light up at once, few fans offer the option controlling the single lights individually.

Sometimes it can happen that a glass shade gets broken. If the light kit gets damaged, we offer fitting spares in our shop.

Energy-efficient lighting

A ceiling fan with lights does not consume more than your old ceiling light. An ECO fan with direct current motor requires an average of 30 Watt for ventilation on high speed. The consumption of the lighting correlates with the bulb that is used. If not explicitely stated otherwise, any lamp can be used in the light kit as long as it has the required base socket. Energy-saving bulbs, light tubes, halogen

Look out for the note: The light is suitable for lamps of the energy classes A++ to E!

Ceiling fan with LED light

In case of a few ceiling fans with integrated LEDs the replacement of the lamp is not done easily (see product description). LED panels with an unusual socket are only available in special fan shops. In areas that require a lot of bright light output, e.g. in showrooms, we recommend using a fan with replaceable LEDs. The lamps are available in every DIY market, hardware store and supermarket.

The average service life diodes is stated in hours. In order to calculate how long the LED light will be used, an average of 3 hours per days has proven to be realistic. Lighting is generally required in the early hours of the morning and in the evening.

Ceiling fan with dimmable light

Dimmable ceiling fans such as the Fanaway LED EVO1 from the Beacon range or the Pepeo Raja are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Both models offer a feature for selecting the brightness as well as the colour temperature. The temperatures warm, daylight and cool white can be selected by using the included remote control handset.

Controlling a ceiling fan with light

In order to control the fan and light feature separately, you can use a wall controller with light switch. The little toggle switch turns the light on and off. The fan speed is controlled with a rotary switch. A basic wall switch (light on/off) can be sued if the motor of the fan and the light have individual pull cords. The light feature is connected to the light switch on the wall and the pull cord is set to the “light on“ position. Now it is possible to turn the light function on and off simply by using the wall switch, meaning there is no difference to a normal chandelier. The fan feature is activated by using the pull cord. Thereby, both components can be used individually.

It is particularly useful if the ceiling fan light comes with a remote control that has independent buttons for the lighting and the fan itself. Some versions even come with a light dimming feature for a customised light output. A few of these models cannot be used with a wall speed controller if already equipped with a remote option.

If you already have experience with technology and electronics at home, you can install the ceiling fan by yourself. Wiring diagrams help to connect all cables correctly. If you have no experience, we recommend asking a licensed electrician for help.

Wall controller designed specifically for use with ceiling fans

Saving heating costs

As days in winter are short and more lighting becomes necessary, the ceiling fan with light offers another handy feature in winter. However, fans can so do so much more than just illuminating the room. Ceiling fans with reversing feature are the perfect supplement to a radiator. Many people use fans in the summer receive much needed cooling from the air movement. Ceiling fans (with or without light) are also useful in the cold winter, though. If you know how and when to use your fan can even save heating costs.

In a closed room warm air rises upwards, because it is lighter than cold air. The hotter the air is, the faster it will accumulate on the ceiling. Cold air forced down to a lower level. Everyone inside the room will notice how their feet are getting cold during the winter. In order to experience a pleasant temperature surrounding the entire body, it is usually necessary to keep fuelling the fireplace or turning up the radiator.

Ceiling fan Techno II with light and remote control: Summer and winter function

It is much more economic and ecologically beneficial to dispense heat from the upper level of the room evenly. This process is done easily by turning on the fan on cold days. If residents are present in the room, the fan speed should be kept at a low level to prevent draught. Cold air at ground level is mixed with warm air from the ceiling, finally creating an agreeable indoor temperature.