Spare parts for ceiling fans

All ceiling fans we offer are subjected to extensive quality inspections by the manufacturers, to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the devices. These quality standards and high-quality components in the devices allow up to 25 years manufacturer’s warranty for our ceiling fans.

Just like us humans, appliances we use in our everyday lives that bring us comfort and well-being, are not immune to wear and tear. Incorrect handling, accidents or insufficient packaging when moving house can damage ceiling fans, causing cost-intensive repairing. aims to ensure sustainability and protection of our environment, while focussing on the needs of our customers and communicating benefits of certain products to our clients.

These benefits we can offer as a successful business, particularly with an excellent product range of spare parts, outstanding logistic organisation in the management of spare parts as well as great negotiation skills for purchasing.

Due to close and long-standing business relationships with our suppliers we purchase high-quality spare parts of various ceiling fans with special conditions, allowing us to offer branded spare parts at fair prices that correspond to the quality of your ceiling fan.

Storage and handling of spare parts for ceiling fans is a special logistics section in our company, as it requires expert knowledge and technical competence. Our qualified warehouse managers ensure smooth work flow and therefore reduce lead times, so that you receive your spare part 
just in time.

Logistics companies cooperating with manage to delivery spare parts within a matter of days (except in case of act of nature beyond control).

Your decision in favour of a spare part instead of a new purchase, you personally contribute to environmental protection and save money at the same time.