Flykiller Halo for commercial use coverage 40-160 m²

attraction with tubes

wide coverage: 40 to 160 m²

application: commercial, public areas, public kitchens

Item number HL15-EU

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt ~ 50 Hertz
  • Model options: Halo 15, Halo 30, Halo 45, Halo 15, Halo 2 x 30
  • Housing: modern, subtle, appealing design
  • System: glueboard, insects are attracted with UV tubes
  • Insect lamp TPX15-18 UV tube included 15 W 
  • Hinged front guard can be swung down for easy access to tubes and single parts
  • Aluminium tray for insect debris can be removed
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting on walls as well as ceiling suspension possible
  • Application: commercial, public areas (for example commercial kitchens, food industry)
  • Lead wire: EU and UK plug options available




Dimensions (L x W x D)


Coverage (m²)

Weight (kg)

Halo 15 15 248 x 588 x 118 mm 1 x TPX15-18 40 4.5
Halo 30 30 404 x 588 x 118 mm 2 x TPX15-18 80 5.7
Halo 45 45 404 x 588 x 118 mm 3 x TPX15-18 120 6.5
Halo 2 x 30 60 404 x 588 x 236 mm 4 x TPX15-18 160 11.4

The included special lamps only serve for attracting insects in combination with the mentioned insect traps are suitable neither for illumination in private rooms nor for any other use.

ATTENTION! Use only in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outside as not selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attraction method) not only catch pests but also beneficial insects.

Optional accessories are available in our shop.

Due to their subtle appearance these devices can be used almost everywhere. The Halo is available in its 15, 30, 45 Watt "Slimline" version. The device can be mounted on a wall without any problems, however it is also possible to just set it up somewhere standing. Furthermore, there is a double sided 2x30 Watt version that is designed for ceiling installation only. All Halo devices have a front grid that can be swung open, maximising the UV light emission thanks to its aluminium build. Adhesive foils as well as the UV bulbs can be exchanged quickly without any necessary tools. Additionally it is possible to reach a 180° angle of light outlet with opening and closing of the hatches on the sides.


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